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Linear series Blow molding Machine
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Products Name: Linear series Blow molding Machine
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This sesies was specially designed to target customers in need of producing low and high volume containers in large quantities. With the latest technological developments each model reaches high speed dry cycle times that enable to meet stringent production requirements. Equipped with world wide recognized electrical,hydraulic and pneumatic components, energy consumption levels are certainly minimized to achieve strict efficiency targets thus contributing to reduce the negative impact on the environment. this series has been proven to perform at the same level, at times higher, when compared to the top name brands of European manufacturers. At less than two thirds the cost it proves to be a very sound investment for customers looking to increase their production white maintaining the integrity and consistency of reliable equipment.
Products Infomation:
Linear series Blow molding Machine
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Blow Moulding Products
GD-70-TSBlow molding Machine(GD Series)
LIN-90-TSLinear series Blow molding Machine
A0-80N-TSBenchmark Series Blow molding Machine
SB-40-TSMini Blow molding Machine
LIN-100-TSLinear series Blow molding Machine

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