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Linear series Blow molding Machine
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Akei Plastic-Machine Mfy., Ltd.
· Akei Plastic-Machine Mfy., Ltd.
Products Name: Linear series Blow molding Machine(LIN-100-TS)
Products Infomation:
The main features that differentiate this model are the increased transfer stroke at 700mm,when compared to the previous model, as well as the 100mm extruder. These features allow for higher output while at the same time adding flexibility to increase the number of cavities when product allows for it.
Products Infomation:
Linear series Blow molding Machine
Ohter Product
AO-50SN-TSShuttle series Blow molding Machine
Linear series Blow molding Machine
AK-90HAIndustrial Series Blow molding Machine
AK-125HAIndustrial Series Blow molding Machine
AE-70-TSAutomatic Blow Molding Machine

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