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Blow molding machine
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Products Name: Blow molding machine
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TEDERIC-2000A is our latest developed two-stage stretch blow-molding machine,which is suitable for producing PET、PC、PP and PE plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.It is widely used to produce the carbonated bottle,mineral water,pesticidal bottle,cosmetics,wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle,ect.
Advanced computer-controlled system wigh stable performance.
From feeding preform to finish blowing is fully automatic mass producion and labor could be tremendously saved.
Adopts infrared heater with strong penetration force and uses the preform suspension auto-revolving method with fast and reliable results .
Adjustable light and reflecting plate in heating zone for differently structured preforms.
Equipped with built in safety lock for each mechanic action in case when a certain procedure comes in trouble,the program can automatically toggle to the safety status.
Cylinder-driven action,automatic temperature adjustment,with low noise,zero pollution and other benefits as a results as a result of not using oil pumps.
Strong clamping force due to using mechanical-double-arm mould clamping.
Fully automated process with low investment,hight efficiency,quick and safe operation,trouble-shooting,maintenance and other benefits.
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Blow molding machine
Blow molding machine
Blow molding machine
Blow molding machine
Blow molding machine

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