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Products Name: PET Blowing Machine(AL-III-2)
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AL-III-2(5)….series semi-automatic for mineral water 、oil bottle…..
AL-III-2(5) stretch blow molding machine is specially designed to produce many kinds of bottle, This series is widely used to produce PET container for carbonated drink, mineral water, edible oil, pesticide and cosmetic, and also for making jar and hot filling container. Those container ranges from 5gallon bucket,to eyes drop bottle.
1. Special design for many kinds of PET bottle under 5L ,including mineral water, carbonated drink, mineral water, edible oil, pesticide and cosmetic and so on
2. Using Infrared reheat units to achieve uniform heating throughout the wall of preform,
3. Special designed fan-cooling system in the heating channels to keep the oven with constant temperature and ensure the preform can be heated completely.
4. Water cooling system ensures the quality of preform neck.
5. Use advanced PLC control system with counting function and time-control precision to 0.01second, and a use-friendly panel
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