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Products Name: Blow molding machine(PBS-505PC, PBS-605PC, PBS-705PC, PBS-905PC)
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This model is a blow molding machine with single accumulator for producing high quality, high clarity and gloss water tank of 2.5~5 gallons. This machine adopts PLC control. In blowing unit, we use a bottom blowing device to make products in shorter cycle time, higher efficient.

  MOOG 30 points thickness programmer to obtain products in even thickness.

Ohter Product
PBS-605Blow Molding Machine
PBSS-505 S, D, T, Q / PBSS-605 S, D, T, Q / PBSS-705 S, D, T, Q / PBSS-905 S, D, T, Q / PBSS-1005 S, D, T, QBlow molding machine
KM-PBS-405VS, TC, TL / KM-PBS-505VS, TC, TL / KM-PBS-605VS, TC, TL / KM-PBS-705VS, TC, TL / KM-PBS-905VS, TC, TLBlow molding machine
Blow molding machine
Blow molding machine
PBS-305 S, D, T, Q / PBS-405 S, D, T, Q / PBS-505 S, D, T, Q / PBS-605 S, D, T, QBlow molding machine
PBA-210, 210A, 210BBlow molding machine

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