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High-Speed FFS Line for Ultralight PET Bottles
Time: 2008-12-25
      Sidel Inc., Norcross, Ga., has introduced the FlexLine system for high-speed form/fill/seal production of ultralight PET bottles. The reheat stretch-blow system was developed for Sidel’s NoBottle design, which provides flexibility and shape memory so that bottles spring back to their original shape when deformed—without incorporating ribs. The line reportedly can blow, fill, cap, label, pack, and palletize 0.5L bottles weighing less than 10 g at 43,200 bottles/hr. Sidel says total system cost is 20% less than for a standard line producing 0.5L bottles weighing 16 g. The blow molder’s electric power use was cut by 32%, and it reuses up to 40% of compressed air.
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