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Innovative Mini Blow Molding Machine
Time: 2009-02-10
Mini Blow Molding Machines are well designed for compactness (space saving), are fully automatic, pneumatically operated (No motor installed in machine) for low cost of installation and economical working and is equipped with variable weight adjustment systems to get desired weight variation.
The machine is adaptive to operate on both Single Phase as well as 3 (Three) Phases making it most convenient to be installed in rural areas, thereby promoting self-employment. Being compact in size, low cost, easy to operate and providing flexibility to choose from large range of product that can be manufactured on the same machine & thereby opportunity to cater to requirements of different sectors simultaneously, makes it most appropriate for an entrepreneur to start their own unit with benefit of low initial investment and low working capital. The machine also finds wide application in material testing laboratories, Masterbatches testing / sampling and for production of small and critical blown articles.
DTS offers different models under its Mini Blow Series to suit ones application and product requirements.
DTS 250, Fully Automatic Mini Blow Molding Machine: to produce critical blown articles from 0.5mls (0.5gms) - 250 ml and length upto 12 inches from polymers like LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP, EVA, HIPS, GPPS for various industrial and household applications.
Products that have been produced include bellows in different size, shapes and flexibility, bottles & containers (2 ml and above), medical droppers / pipettes, ice balls, toy parts, balls for chemical tanks and environmental systems, blown parts for appliances and industrial applications and other blown articles.
With continuous efforts and necessary adaptations in the above model, the company has successfully developed innovative products having flexible compressible grooves across the diameter which gives it unique ability to be flexed and turned sideways, can be collapsed to desired size and retains its positions.
This concept has excellent potential and can be utilised in applications like Elbows, Pourers for lid of Paints / Lubricant Pails, in Appliances, Collapsible Containers for household and packaging, Bending Straws, Collapsible Drinking Glass, Bellow Tube with adjustable lengths and many more.
DTS also offers the machine in Lab size, suitable for teaching and training institutes for educational demonstration and practical working by students.
The machines have been in operation at IPCL, CIPET (Bhopal), Institute of Chemical Technology (Mumbai-UDCT) and other location in India and abroad. Dave Technical Services has been the winner of Plasticon Award 2005, in the Innovative Machine Category, for its Mini Blow Molding Machine.
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